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ATF’s NIBIN heats up case against gunman suspected of two murders and string of arsons

Read this article reporting how forensic ballistics evidence gathered by law enforcement agents across Benton County, Washington, has linked their prime suspect to a double homicide and string of arsons at separate locations throughout the Tri-Cities.

The report indicates that police officers recovered fired shotgun shells at a home where two homicides and arson took place. Similar evidence was found at each of the facilities targeted in a string of arson crimes, where the suspect used a shotgun to breach entry to each building.

Police sent the shell casings to ATF’s National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) for evaluation. Tests confirmed that the shotgun shells recovered at all three scenes were discharged from the same firearm that the suspect had possessed.

For the rest of this bizarre story, follow the link below.

To all involved in these cases, thanks for the work that you do!

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