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Recently Published: NIBIN Tool Kit for Prosecutors

Advancing a robust crime gun intelligence capability requires a multitude of handoffs and handshakes among a diverse group of independent stakeholders that include: a) the police (investigators, analysts, commanders), b) forensic technicians, c) prosecutors, and d) the public. Each of these stakeholder groups have their own mission sets, goals, objectives, and often language. As such, each may view the processes involved with crime gun intelligence, and for that matter how they contribute to public safety slightly differently.

Because NIBIN is such a fundamental component toward safeguarding the public from gun violence and arresting serial shooters it Is critical that efforts are made to explain the use, benefit, and ultimate objectives of NIBIN. Forensic technicians who work with NIBIN understand the forensic value of NIBIN, but may also need to understand how investigators can benefit not only from the evidentiary value that NIBIN provides, but the intelligence – or premonitory – value it can provide to investigators. Investigators require an understanding of exactly what NIBIN can provide them from both an evidentiary and premonitory perspective. Prosecutors require not only an understanding of how NIBIN supports both forensic and investigative processes, but how they can use it to advance their cases within the courtroom. And of course, the public needs to understand how NIBIN provides law enforcement a precision based tool for curtailing gun violence and arresting and prosecuting serial shooters.

Robert Troyer, former United States Attorney of Colorado, takes on the challenge of providing prosecutors that understanding of NIBIN in his recently released “NIBIN Toolkit for Prosecutors.” The toolkit covers the following topics:

  • What NIBIN is and isn’t.
  • How the NIBIN process works.
  • How a prosecutor can benefit from NIBIN.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Links to reference materials.
  • Common terms and definitions.
  • Models, including witness outlines, warrant/complaint affidavit language,demonstrative images and diagrams, and language for common courtroom presentations and pleadings.

By improving the understanding of NIBIN it will make it easier for prosecutors to take advantage of the benefits of this tool and at the same time weave NIBIN deeper into the fabric of criminal prosecution to maximize its public-safety impact. NIBIN can enable prosecutors to leverage this firearm-crime reduction technology to help convict dangerous criminals and to protect those convictions on appeal. Overall, this toolkit is aimed at assisting prosecutors tackle cases involving NIBIN.

The toolkit can be found by visiting the following link:

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